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Benedetto Guitars

I thought it would be fun to talk guitars. I’ve got a few! But I always wanted to own a Bendetto. This is a 16-B and one of the first ones carved by Bob. Besides the…Read more

Marta and I attended a dinner for the Wounded Warrior Project in Scottsdale this week. It was held at Rancho Pinot, one of our favorite restaurants in Scottsdale,AZ. It’s a great organization and a great cause….Read more

Discography Page

Music is up! I’ve posted 2 CD’s with the Phoenix Jazz Quartet. These were recorded live in the studio a few years ago. The first was 1996.. No punches, no second performances like the old…Read more

“Here And Now”

For those of you who aren’t aware of it, Pat Martino has written an autobiography entitled “Here and Now”. I just finished it and it’s a great read. For those of you who are fans, he…Read more

The track that’s on my homepage was recorded in 2004 for Dom Moio’s “I Got’cha Drums Right Here.” Dom Moio on drums, Mario Mendvil on bass, Raul Yanez on Fender Rhodes, and Joe Garcia on percussion. We…Read more

Hello everyone! I’m excited about my new site and will be “blogging” from time to time. I’ve posted some of my favorite pictures with some of my favorite people, both personally and professionally. I find it…Read more